E-Games and Work- Some contradictory comparisons for inspiration

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Have you ever wondered about your ability to concentrate while gaming e-games and work- some contradictory comparisons for inspiration? At the same time, you lose your complete focus on wok at the office hours. Whatever you do, that won’t help to get better. You might have sighed, if gaming was a job, you would be the best employee each day. You won lose your energy or focus while playing. At the same time, you lose all the focus if your boss just stresses you. A complete contradiction, but true! So let’s see whether there is anything common among work and gaming. If yes, we have found our way to success. If you could win the hard level of a game, you are certainly going to win the job either!

E-Games and Work- Some contradictory comparisons for inspiration

I have seen a lot of gamers who love to play when there is no one around. This is the preference when they start gaming. As time goes, he will get completely immersed into the game and the distraction never bothers him. So, the distractions are there till we get involved.

Let’s move on to work. While job, keep the mobile away, close all the unwanted tabs and remove all fancy items from the desk. Now you are distraction free and you are focused. Well begun is half done! So you have got the first point. While you turn off the game notifications while playing, just turn off your phone and unwanted tabs while working.

E-Games and Work- Some contradictory comparisons for inspiration
E-Games and Work- Some contradictory comparisons for inspiration

Gets the sound going?

The gamers will always prefer to play with headsets. The background music and the audio effects are just too bad to miss. The audio gives them the energy and helps them to maintain the competitive mind while the visual effects make us more concentrated. So the audio plays a major role in winning a game. It helps to get involved more.

If headphones are allowed at your office, turn on a soft music. As in games, music has the power to soothe your heart. Your concentration improves and you will be enjoying the melodious swing of peace at heart. A peaceful mind generates something awesome. Switch on the tracks and get going!

Limits matters

When you play certain E-games, there will be limits and targets. You will have to shoot the enemy in 10 seconds or have to break a barrier in 30 seconds. So, all the focus goes to the target to attain it on time. Do these matters for a job? Well, yes!

If you are working on something, set limits to yourself. Let it be a long-term task or a short-term task, set a time limit which is slightly lesser than the required time. Now count 1, 2, and 3 and begin the race. You are certainly going to catch up as in that of your favourite game.

Create levels, win over

While playing a game, you will first play some easy stages and will gradually move on to complex stages of games. The success in the first stages will give you the confidence to explore more and then it will help you to understand the game better.

When coming to work, slice your work into levels. If you are a sales person, the first level shall be 2 new appointments. Second be 5 and third be 10. This way you will feel the target as small and will get the confidence to attain the goal. A simultaneous 10 target at the beginning may ruin your confidence.

Reward for success

Most of the games are interesting as they reward with something. Some game rewards extra gold coins where some extend some extra lives for the game. The rewards are the one which prompts the user to play the game again and again. As the rewards increases, the interest also increases.

Reward yourself for the job. If you set the small target and if you attain it, reward yourself with a small bite of sweet. If the target is big, get a bigger treat. Let it be a day out, a holiday or a long drive. Rewards inspire you to attain more. They are the magical spells at the time of exhaustion.

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