French Open Tennis

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Games, the one thing which can never be separated from the kids and even the adults is in practice from a long time ago. The environment and other things alone changes and not the inner feels, which are quite childish. Playing french open tennis can never be stopped at any cost. Every child would like to play. Only the games will differ from one to another.

Tennis is one of the ancient games, which is played from long back say from the 12th century, which was in France. It is quite famous among the French people. There are many more things present, which you must really know about the game tennis. During olden days, only those who are the members of the tennis club were alone allowed to play the French open. But this has been changed gradually.

French Open Tennis

This is a sport which is played with the help of rackets. This can be played both individually against one opponent and also against two which is called as doubles. Each of the players uses a tennis racket which is made of strings which are meant to strike the incoming rubber ball which is quite hollow. The rules are quite neat and simple. All you have to be doing is, not to let your opponent hit the ball. This way, you will be able to earn points which will help you out in attaining success.

French Open Tennis
French Open Tennis

It is not just a usual game. This plays a major part in Olympics games. This is the game which can be played by anyone who wishes to play. All he has to have is nothing but the racket. The modern tennis’s origin is nowhere but England. Some of the rules of the game tennis have been changed during the 18th Century. There were many different kinds of rules and regulations made and they are still followed by us.

This is the game which is played by millions and millions of players, which is the best kind of sports present. There are over 4 different kinds of Grand Slam tournaments present in the game of tennis. These are the places where you can prove yourselves.

The 4 Grand Slam tournaments are Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and the Wimbledon. These are the 4different majors which are the places where you must play and prove your talent in order to become a great tennis player.

Usually, the Australian Open Tennis will be played on the court which is quite rough and hard. And the French Open will be conducted in the court which will on the Clay. And the Wimbledon will be on the Grass and finally the US Open Tennis will be conducted on the hard one which is quite alike to the Australian open tennis.

The French Open is the one which is a little special one, as it is believed that France is the origin place of the great Tennis. This is usually referred to as Roland Garros. This is the game which will usually be conducted during May & June at Stade Roland Garros, which is in Paris, France. This was conducted for the first time during 1891.

As this is conducted on the clay court, it will be hard to bounce the ball back. This will also reduce the advantages that are present in playing other Grand Slams. This is the game which is conducted without any Tiebreaker at the finals. This will be conducted only on the clay court. Also, only the members of the tennis club will be able to participate in this game. These are the major things which you must know regarding the French Open Tennis.

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