Important Information About Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Odds

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Making Cai Shen different from other slot games is its appearance. This is an attractive game that has display features that not only make it stand out amongst other slot games but also serves as an attractive tool to lure players into playing it. Important information about Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Odds the enticing background sounds and music effect are sure to keep you glued to your screen or table, depending on whether you are playing online or at a live casino. With the twenty-eight pay lines and five reels, a player may as well scoop out great payouts in form of cash. These numbers are specific because of the different meaning assigned to numbers in Chinese numerology. 8 is considered a lucky number and hence 28 read as two and eight, mean twice as lucky. This also rhymes with the fact that Cai Shen is named after the Chinese god of wealth.

For both online and land based casino players, one can either play betting with real money or use the free games either as a bonus or as a way to gain experience before fully plunging themselves into the world of real-money gambling.

Important Information About Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Odds

Once one has checked all that they consider important in their checklist before settling down to play, a player first has to choose what size of the coins available they would love to play with. There are sizes from 0.01 to 5. According to these sizes, a player can start from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $5.00. One can still bet according to the number of coins they wish to play on every pay lines. This can be one, two, five, seven or even ten coins for every pay line. This results in a wide number of options available for the players to place their bets. This help the player to also place wagers according to their budget. For instance, one can choose to start at $0.35 for every spin.

Important Information About Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Odds
Important Information About Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Odds


There is a wild symbol that appears only in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels. This can be used as a substitute for all other symbols apart from the scatter symbol. For every winning combination that a player lands on, their award is multiplied three times. Hence they make a win 3 times more than they would have made at a normal rate. The Cai Shen wild symbol also expands, covering the whole reel everytime it appears.

The symbols in this game are classified into three categories. The first is the gold group consisting of the golden dragon, golden coin, and golden koi. Every time you get a combination made up of five of these, you win 1000x, five of the gold coins give 500x and finally the gold koi would make you get 250x. These symbols are the only ones in the entire slot that would pay one for just having two of each kind. This is because to get a payout on the other symbols, you would require making a combination of at least three of the same kind.

The green ring, red book and the golden banzai tree are in the second group. This is known as the mid level group. However, for these the payout is the same across the board. For three of a kind you get 3x, five of a kind would give you 100x whereas four of the same kind would result into a 20x payout.

As you have noticed in the trend, from a high level to a mid level, a low level would follow. These are the A, Q, J, 9, 10and K symbols.The A, Q and K would pay you 50x, 10x or 2x whenever five, four or three of the same type of symbols appear respectively. Whereas  J, 10 and 9 symbols earn 1x, 5x or 25x for every 3, 4 and 5 of each kind respectively.

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