Live casino

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Live casino

Live casino is a gambling game found on the internet and supported by a gambling company or companies, meaning in order to play a live casino or in other words it is also called an online casino you must have a computer or a mobile phone and must be connected to the internet. Live casinos do not have any not even difference with a house casino the only difference is live casino is played via the internet but house casino you have to visit where a casino is and play, since a casino is all about gambling money or items are always used to win greater money or items, also in live casino money is used, whereby a gambler opens an account with the trusted online casino and  he is able to deposit his money, there are also procedures of depositing money and also withdrawing it and there is a contract between the two companies on how to charge clients when making deposits and withdrawals, for marketing most casinos nowadays offer bonuses to new clients, mostly after they make their first deposit and some the bonus is a percentage of their first deposit.

Same as the house casino the live casino also run using odds whereby the games have different odds, an odd is a number that the money used for gambling is multiplied with if the gambler wins a bet. For example, let’s use a soccer match whereby team X is playing against team Y. The team with a high chance of winning the match is given a lower odd and the other is given a larger odd. Let’s say X is given 1.95 and Y is given 3.50 and in case there is a draw the odd is 3.00, the gambler decides to predict and places a bet of 100, if X wins he earns 195 and if it loses or draw he loses the money. Live casino also works in a similar manner but the difference is the type of game. Live casinos also give higher odds to clients that bet online so as to attract more and more to gamble online.

Live casinos are programs that are bought or even hired from companies that makes them. This programs always generate numbers randomly so this is a fifty/fifty chance of winning, if the machine generates what you have predicted then you are a winner, since a computer is used then obviously graphics are there so as the gambler can see what is going on, the graphics are designed in such a way that the live casino looks almost exactly as a house casino.

In conclusion live casino are also very exciting when playing with friends since you can compete with one another, it is also a form of making money but they are also not an assurance since the matter of winning completely depends on one’s luck, the main advantage of live casinos is that one can gamble from home or office so there is no need of a gambler to visit a house casino so as to place his or her bets. The main disadvantage is that if a gambler cannot access internet from the place he or she is then it becomes so difficult for the person to bet or even if there is no power inform of electricity it also becomes hard. Another disadvantage is that people lose quite a large amount of money when gambling since chances of winning are always low and also the games are addictive, so an addicted, losing gambler loses a lot of money that he could save and do something good like starting a business.

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