Mexico beats Uruguay after the anthem mistake

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Mexico beats Uruguay after the anthem mistake – Rafa Marquez and Hector Herrera helped Mexico to gain control on its advantage against Uruguay, securing a 3-1 win, in Copa America 2016 held at University of Phoenix Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona last June 6.

Lozano was going to the corner at first, and then he proceeds to attack towards the goal. The ball went to Jimenez’s feet and sends it to Herrera who nailed it in at the 91st minute of the match. Uruguay didn’t concede a goal that went to three, in a very long time.

Mexico beats Uruguay after the anthem mistake

The 37-year old Marquez went on a surge as he delivered a beautiful strike to hit the goal straight to the back of the net in the 84th minute. Uruguay felt it was offside and they complained for it but the referee didn’t change the outcome. People at the stadium went nuts.

Mexico beats Uruguay after the anthem mistake
Mexico beats Uruguay after the anthem mistake

Guardado executes an incredible cross from the left hand side in the danger zone and Pereira didn’t have energy to defend it as Mexico scores on its first goal in the fourth minute.

However, Uruguay ties the game in the 73rd minute with a header from a free-kick. The squad has only ten players left but they are playing like they are in complete and full shape.

In the first half, Mexico controlled the early stages of the game following their first goal. Their fans gone wild and sang their Ole chants all over the stadium. Mexico focused on the midfield especially the left and right backs that will push up the game. Herrera made it tough for Uruguay as the latter made some strides in the central areas.

Mexico played aggressively at both ends of the pitch. They are also pressing, guarding every strikers of Uruguay, counter at every situation and attempting a shot if it is free and fit for them.

A terrible half ended for Uruguay. It all started with a wrong playing of the national anthem. Their fans are excited and uplifted at the same time before the start of the game until the Copa organizers played an incorrect song, much to the disgust of the fans.

In the second half, action took over for both teams. Uruguay is determined to tie the match while Mexico is eager to clinch the victory in their pockets.

Uruguay received some free kicks and they are aiming for every opportunity especially in the dead-ball situation. They also had some chance at the goal but they missed on what is going to be a game-tying goal earlier as Hernandez who received a pass from Rolan, missed the open goal. They are now feeling the advantage of the long throws. Uruguay is playing better than Mexico despite being undermanned.

Cavani went to a free kick from 35 yards out and punches it in the wall. Guardado gets fouled by Pereira that resulted into the yellow card for the latter.

Charcharito went into a cross in the box, which was a great one but he didn’t get the point and Muslera picked up the ball.

Meanwhile, Guardado got injured due to a trip and some cameras didn’t catch the action. He was immediately removed from the game due to the injury.

Uruguay continues in going to the long box as they try to cut the lead down but Godin unable to score and the ball went wide.

Mexico almost got a fourth goal but nevertheless, they won the match. Uruguay complained to the referees as the Mexicans started to celebrate on their dominating win. They are now the leaders of Group C.

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