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THE RISE OF GAMBLING AND BETTING IN THE THIRD WORLD, Gone are the days when gambling was attached to those having lavish lifestyles? The halves of the society, those who had so much money that they had nothing to do, so the only option was to go and waste it on gambling and betting, those who were believed to swim and drown in opulence.  But those days are kissed goodbye and we are welcome to days when everyone is a gambler. Like in my country (third world) I hear people joke and say that gambling and betting are “uwekezaji” a Kiswahili word for investing. People nowadays believe that gambling is investing. All this has woken up in the dawn of 21stcentury. Every part of the world has welcomed a new consolidated activity in the market.

This activity has been labeled “money making”. This even forced many developed countries like Britain to change their constitution to adopt and create rules and regulations that would guide this kind of business. For instance, the British enacted the gambling (licensing and advertising) Act 2014 and put it into action on Nov 2014. As the business transcended in the country, the Gambling Act 2005 was amended to increase more regulations. This has also been evident in the third world countries like Kenya. The first betting company was introduced in my country in 2013 since then many online casino companies have come, to be precise, ten companies are now running betting activities. These companies include mcheza, sportspesa, betin, betway, lotto, and justbet. Sportspesa is the most liked company when it comes to betting due to their higher placed bets.


Initially the only person who could bet was the one who could access a computer or a laptop. But due to growth in technology; most of the companies have come up with a mobile platform that allows anyone who can access a phone to bet. The Rise of Gambling and Betting in the third World. On the mobile platform, the person betting can either do it by selecting the teams on the online gambling casino sites portfolio or they can bet through SMS (short message service). Growth and additional of many betting companies and casinos in major cities of countries in Africa are just a sign that this business is really growing. But a sports betting is the most famous one, where one predicts an outcome by putting up a bet on a team they think it shall win.

Many operators who run casinos sometimes they also run betting shops since they have the licenses. Nowadays I walk in ghettos and see betting shops even in the slums and informal settlements (a clear sign that everyone is betting, regardless of class and lifestyle). Just like my country Kenya has Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act (Cap 131 Laws of Kenya), which establishes the Betting Control and Licensing Board, many third world countries have come up with rules to regulate betting and gambling games. Betting and gambling have become a source of revenue for many people. Some even pay rent through betting. Especially with sports betting, this can be easily predictable.

One betting fanatic was asked what he thinks about betting, and this is what he had to say “I will continue betting until I win the next jackpot, I will not stop betting”. Many people have taken betting as an economic activity. Though this has become dangerous. We have seen families breaking because of betting. People are advised to take betting as fun but not an economic activity since this is what leads to disappointments, depression, and even death. It’s obviously from these changing activities on gambling and betting, we can tell that this has taken another turn in Africa and its growing at a very fast speed. So Africa and other third world countries let’s take this opportunity to utilize the economic mileage that has come up as a result of gambling and betting.

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