Things to Do When Playing Free Sic Bo

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Sic Bo is one of the casino game that is popular in East Asia, especially China. This game is different with other casino game like Roulette, Blackjack, or slot. This game uses three dice in the game. Then this game is played with great variant of odd. It is good step to know things to do when playing free Sic Bo and you will gain big win.

Things to Do When Playing Free Sic Bo

Things to Do When Playing Free Sic Bo
Things to Do When Playing Free Sic Bo

Betting constantly

Most bettors have dream to gain much win and get less loss. But we should be a realistic bettors that you can get win over and over since the moment you start. Then, you should understand the about the chance on the game. In Sic Bo, the odds are 150 to 1. In simple word, no strategist will say that you can win the game in one method but to enhance your knowledge you can try free bet sicbo before using your real money.

It is good to place bet on one basis. We suggest you to place bet on small wager repeatedly instead of placing bet randomly with big wager. Placing bet at the smallest amount will help you to maintain your game and with little luck you save your bankroll.

Place Bet on Big and Small Odd

Placing bet on big and small odd will give you a huge benefits. This odd is suitable for those who are searching for the safe bet. How to do it? You predict whether the total number of the dice is from 11 to 17 (big bet) or four to ten (small bet). The house edge in  this odd is 2.76 percent and you can be paid 1:1. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Understand the Types of Wager

Sic bo is game that has huge variant of bets. It is important to understand the types of bet before you go to the table. So, we will give you types of bet in sic bo. There are three types of wager in Sic bow which have the lowest house edge.

  • Small Bet: The idea in this bet is that you will get win if the total number of dice shows the number from four to ten. This bet is not applied when thethree of dice shows the same number (triple kind). The house edge is 2.78 percent.
  • Big Bet: Frankly this bet has the same idea with the small bet. The main distinction is on the number. You will get win if the total number of the dice is 11 to 17. The house edge is 2.78 percent
  • Single Bet: You get win if one from three dices shows the specific number that you bet. In example, you place bet for number 3 then one of the dices shows the number 3. Then you get the win. The house edge is under 7.87 percent.

Sic Bo is a viable option in online casino game. After gaining popularity in East Asia, China, and Macau, sooner or later, Sic Bo will gain its popularity among gambler in this world. We hope that the things to do when playing free Sic Bo above will ensure you to play in Sic Bo.

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